Diopter adjustable DHWF15X field view 16mm eyepiece mounting 30mm

DHWF15X field view 16mm mounting size 30mm



High Eyepoint Eyepiece Wide View WF15X/16 Wide Angle Lens Diopter Adjustment with Mounting Size 30 mm for Stereo Microscope
Magnification : WF15x
Field of view : 16 mm
Mounting size: 30 mm
Feature : High eyepoint and wide angle lens
Diopter adjustment
Ideal for Stereo Microscope
Ocular lenses are the eyepieces that a person uses to view a specimen. Most dissecting microscopes have two ocular lenses set at a magnification of 10×. However, you can increase the magnification of a stereo microscope simply by upgrading the ocular lenses. This should be relatively easy to do since manufactures usually indicate the magnification levels of these parts of the microscope.


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