digital microscope AV Audio Video connect Electronics Optics TV




Microscope parameters:
Interface: AV input
Pixel: 2 million
Multiplication: 1-500 times
Self-contained light source: 6 high-brightness LED lights
Focus: Different objects with different multiple distances (range 1 mm to infinite distance)
Line length: AV1.5 M
Input power supply: 5V
Output signal: AV-Vidos
Fuselage: 10*130 (mm) in diameter
Microscope bracket seat size: 150*100*160mm (length, width and height) adjustable distance of 100 mm

1. mirror mainframe
2U.S. regulation 5V power supply
3C7 micrometer
4 Special lifting bracket set (bottom plate, bracket rod fine-tuner)
5 instructions one point
Packing in 6 cartons (total weight 385 grams)

Application of this product:
Electronic maintenance, Seiko measurement, analysis and observation of microorganisms and plants in science and education, textile printing, jewelry antiques, skin and hair analysis, etc.