Post stand stereo microscope base focus bracket Pillar pole 32mm

ST2026PF1C post stand
Base 20cm*26cm
pillar pole diameter 32mm
with focus rack

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boom stand heavy metal base

Stereo Microscope Bracket stand

Plane frames, Steel Rail Rack Focusing Mechanism
Connectiong Objective: DIA 76mm
Connectiong Pillar: DIA 32mm
Size of Pedestal: 255 x 200 x 24mm
Easy Large-Sized Focusing Knobs on Both Sides of Focusing Holder.
Steel Gears on Focusing Holder.
Standard Size Focusing Holder
Will Fit Scope Heads with Diameter of 76mm

Vertical and horizontal adjustment boom stand
Heavy base provides excellent stability
Allows positioning of microscopes over large area
Heavy duty all metal construction for durability.
Posts are highly polished for smooth operation

High precision and fine tuning bracket, can be adjusted up and down, suitable for various occasions, the ideal installation of adjustable support for many industrial camera cameras, convenient camera lens up and down visual inspection and amplification, the support of the support is good, the base is stable.

Boom stand of stereo microscope