72mm diameter led ring light microscope accessories view observe instrument

diamater 72mm
instument view observe

instrument view observe ring lighting



Bright white LED bulb ring light for microscopes light. The led ring light with 60mm or 70mm inner diameter,with 110-240v power adapter. With variable intensity intense and focused shadow-free illumination for stereo microscopes. high luminance and brightness adjustable, special design for stereo microscopes .Advantage: energy saving, brightness adjustable, shadow free illumination
stereo microscope led ring light
72mm diameter led ring light of microscope accessories view and observe instrument

Large internal diameter 72MM,
Outside diameter 94MM
Power Input voltage: 90V-264V
Output voltage: DC12V
Power: 8W 144LED chips

Microscope auxiliary light source
LED Ring Light Product Features:
1 Ring LED microscope lighting with high brightness, long life, less heat, low temperature, soft natural light without flash, long life, energy saving, compact appearance, easy installation.
2 LED microscope ring light lighting brightness can be adjusted, is stereo microscope, monocular video microscopes and other optical instruments with the ideal source.


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