Zoom stereo microscope Binocular eyepiece track stand industry microscope

ZST745BT Biocular eyepiece tracking base





High eye point wide field view HWF10X/20mm

High eye point wide field view HWF20X/10mm

High eye point wide field view HWF20X/10mm

Zoom objective  0.7X-4.5X

Viewing head: binocular view head, tilt 45degree,rotation 360degree, Pupil distance 54-76mm adjustable, Bilateral visibility adjustment/diopter regulation

Work distance: 100mm

Auxiliary lens: 0.5X/165MM, 1.5X/45MM, 2X/30MM

Focus bracket: focusing knob,

Base: 230*230*40mm

Stereo microscope,The magnification change of stereo microscope is obtained by the change of the distance between the middle lens group, therefore, it is also called “the continuous zoom stereo microscope” (zoom stereo microscope )
Stereo microscope, also known as “dissecting microscope” , is a kind of three-dimensional visual instrument, which is widely used in biology, medicine, agriculture, forestry, industry and marine biology departments.

Stereo microscope operation is simple, the magnification is generally in the 7X-42X, the maximum magnification of 180X. Stereo microscope is the most widely used.

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