Zone sectional divisional control microscope lighting with 144LED

microscope illumination
zone 4 controll
Brightness adjustable


YK-B144T ring led light
Zone sectional brightness adjustable divisional control microscope lighting with 144LED
4 divisional control the light and brightness adjustable each section .
Outer diameter:98mm
Inner diameter:61mm
Input voltage:90V-264V
Output voltage:DC12V
Brightness adjust:0-100%
Working distance:40-250mm
Quantity of LED:144PCS
Brightness:20000Lux at height of 100mm
Color of light:6400K

Led ring light description
Bright white LED bulb ring light for microscopes. The light includes led ring light with (60mm or 70mm) inner diameter, 110-240v power adapter. With variable intensity intense and focused shadow-free illumination for stereo microscopes. high luminance and brightness adjustable, special design for stereo microscopes .Have proper in-line configuration, user can install the polariscope when needing. Reduce the ray interfere and enhance the image quality
Advantage: energy saving, brightness adjustable, shadow free illumination


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