Wide angle lens high eye point HWF25X eyepiece lens

HWF25X 9mm field view high eye point lens eyepiece



High eye point Wide Field WF25X Eyepiece for Stereo Microscope
Mounting Size 30.5 mm withour with Rubber Eye Cups

High Eye Point Eyepiece For Stereo Microscope
Material:optical glass + metal
With the rubber eye guards cups
Magnification: WF25X
Field of View: 9 mm
Mounting Size (in diameter): 30.5 mm or 30mm
Suit Microscope: stereo microscope
Features: wide field, optical lens

Microscope Eyepieces are used to increase magnification to ease viewing. Many Microscope Eyepieces feature reticle support to add additional measurement or comparison functionality to the microscope. Eyeguards are also available to reduce ambient light or glare flections, while providing additional comfort to the user. Additionally, eyeguards properly align the eye to the lens.



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