Stereo microscope also known as anatomical microscope or dissecting microscope, the continuous zoom microscope as zoom, widely application for scientific research, industry quality control Stereo zoom microscope with upper lower light top bottom dual light reflect light halogen fluorescent lamp – Skip to main content

Stereo zoom microscope with upper lower light top bottom dual light reflect light halogen fluorescent lamp

SZM45-B1 dual light upper lower


Zoom stereo microscope pole stand industry microscope top bottom dual light
upper halogen lamp and lower fluorescent lamp
The upper and lower light sources are 12v15 halogen lamps with adjustable brightness (the lower light source can be equipped with fluorescent lamp), providing high-quality optical system and durable and reliable operating mechanism. Complete accessories, diversified combination configuration. Meet the modern biology, medicine, scientific research, modern electronic industry online detection.
Introduction to the use of the instrument:
Widely used in microelectronics, mold, powder metallurgy, precision machinery, jewelry, clocks, jewelry, fingerprint identification, ticket identification, printing, optical fiber, mobile phone maintenance, archaeology, biological anatomy, school teaching and other fields. It is especially suitable for observing the surface microstructure of large objects.
Brief introduction of the instrument:
SzM series continuous zoom stereomicroscope is novel and generous in shape, with brand new optical design, all coated with film, In addition to the advantages of high magnification and high resolution, the compact design and long working distance make this series of products fully meet different needs and diversification The combination of the two makes its function more perfect.
Instrument configuration description:
Lens tube: 45 ° tilt, 360 ° rotation binocular observation head; pupil distance adjustment range 54-75mm; binocular lens tube visibility can be adjusted, the adjustment range is ± 5 diopter.
Eye lens: use wf10x high eye point wide-angle eye lens, line field of view up to 20 mm, to provide convenience for the observer wearing glasses.
Objective lens: 0.7x-4.5x continuous zoom objective lens to ensure the image plane uniformity.
Amplification range: the standard magnification is 7-90x, and the magnification can be expanded to 3.5-180x after the auxiliary large objective is selected.
Working distance: the standard working distance is up to 100 mm, and the maximum can be configured as 30-165 mm (with 0.5x auxiliary large objective lens), providing users with larger working space

Optional field of view light source: external LED ring lamp.
Performance characteristics of the instrument:
1. High quality optical system
The optical components coated with a special film create a high quality optical system. In the large field of view, flat image surface and good contrast are formed, especially in the peripheral field of view, the image quality is more bright and clear.
2. Wider magnification
Continuous zoom objective 0.7x-4.5x (6.4:1) and standard magnification 7x-45x were used. Auxiliary objective lens with magnification of 3.5x ~ 180X is selected
3. Super long effective working distance
The standard working distance is up to 100 mm, and the working distance will be expanded to 30 mm ~ 165 mm with auxiliary objective lens, which creates enough space for use
4. Ergonomic structural design
The observation head is tilted at 45 ° and the binocular vision is adjustable to ensure that users with different vision can obtain clear and satisfactory images. The best eye height, long time use does not feel tired. The horizontal (axial) two-sided setting of the zoom handwheel makes the operation convenient and comfortable, and the zoom repetition precision is high.


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