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single line micrometer eyepiece reticle horizontal graticule

NE50 single line
eyepiece reticle

Category: Reticle Graticule


NE50 Single Horizontal Line microscope rectile graticule

Key Features Eyepiece Reticle with single horizontal line
Description Nominal line width 0.02mm, line extends to the full width of the reticle.
For measurement of large objectis in conjunction with graduated mechanical stage, and for aligment, image covers entire field of view

Diameter: 16mm/19mm/21mm/23mm/24mm/25mm/26mm/27mm/special
Material: Optical Glass
Line width 0.02 mm
Suit Microscope: biological microscope or stereo microscope

Custom Patterns:
If you need something different from the patterns in this catalogue there is no problem, we have a very cost-effective
custom reticle facility that is able to make the exact pattern you requir


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