Phone lens with selfie led light super wide angle lens 0.36X with macro

phone lens with selfie led light


phone lens with selfie led light triangle shape
wide angle lens 0.36X with macro

Smart phone wide angle lens macro lens unit with clip detachable
Our smart phone mobile lens suitable for photographers, travel lovers, to capture wide traveling scenery or wide landscapes, Durable aliminium and optic glass to minize ghosting,reflection,lens flare and other light artifacts for superb clarity. Shoot stunning photos of people, pets, travel scenery, architecture, selfies and more

WIDE ANGLE LENS: Widest angle Lens expands 140% larger viewing angle. It opens up your field of view with a high definition wide-angle image without distortion for beautiful effects. create professional quality images and limit distortion around the edge of it; functional effects comparable to SLR Lenses; perfect for landscape images or even large group images

MACRO LENS: Enhanced macro lens capture all the intricacies and details with precision-focus for razor crisp pictures every time. Take sharp, detailed, close-up photos of small subject such as flowers, plants, insects, products and all intricacies and details. Enables you to shoot photos at very near distance from your object. More convenient and powerful to take clear and gorgeous pictures. Capture amazing close-ups in crisp detail.

Mobile lens easy install and detached
the clip with soft rubber offers superior gripping power to fasten your lens to your cell phone while at the same time will not scratch or damage it, ensuring perfect shot even when you’re in action mode

smart phone lens application:
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