Leica 384643 M655 HLX4643 halogen bulb JC 12V 50W lamp

JC12V50W with bracket base for microscope M600 M680 M690



Description: Bulb Mounted In Special Assembly Mount
Full Specs: JC 12V 50W SP-BASE
Lamp Type: JC
Volt: 12V
Watt: 50W
Lumens: 1400
Life (HRS): 50
Filament: C-BAR-6
Cross Reference: Leica 384643/M655, Wild WI384-643, Higuchi M-01020, Guerra HLX4643
Application: M600 M650, Leica, M695 surgical microscope bulb
13806 Wild, Leica, Leica M690, Leica Surgical Scope, M690 Leica, M690 Wild Surgical Scope, M800 Wild, M841, WI13806 Wild, Wild 13806, Wild M690 Surgical Scope, Wild M800
Alternate Part #s:
10384643 Leica, 2349 Hybec, 384-643 Wild, 384643 Wild, 4643 Wild, B02031-001 Cardinal, B02031001 Cardinal, BW.384-643, BW.384643, BW384-643, BW384643, HLX-4643 Osram, HLX/4643 Osram, HLX4643 Osram, M-01020, M01020, OQ-393 Optiquip, OQ393 Optiquip

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