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Led dome light source 50mm scratch arcsurface detection

LED dome light YK-DM50

Category: Led ring light


led dome light Product features
1. Led dome light source adopts imported LED light-emitting chip, high-density led arrangement design, and high-grade nano diffuse material is used in the hood. It has the advantages of high brightness, long life, less heat, low temperature, soft and natural lighting without stroboscopic, long service life, energy saving and power saving, integrated design, simple and elegant, compact and beautiful, convenient installation, etc.
2. The light brightness can be adjusted. It is an ideal light source for optical instruments such as automatic equipment, single tube microscope, stereo microscope, visual automation machine, etc.

led dome light Product parameters
1. Power input voltage: AC 100-265V, 50 / 60Hz
2. Output voltage and power: DC12V 4.5w
3. LED life: > 100000 hours
4. Luminous color: according to the needs of users, conventional white light 6500k
5. Brightness adjustment: 10 ~ 100% linear dimming
6. Quantity of LED chip light emitting tubes: 56
7. Upper interface size: 50mm
8. Size of light outlet at the lower end: 64mm
9. The product is designed in double installation mode
LED dome light application:

scratch detection on high reflective surface, cylindrical surface detection, concave convex, curved surface and arc surface detection

led dome light YK-DM50


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