industry microscope camera bracket lens holder focus mount 50mm 25mm fine focusing adjustable

camera lens holder 5025mm



Industrial Monocular Microscope Camera Lens Circular Focusing Frame 50mm Fine Adjustment Knob Fine Adjustment Bracket

coarse and fine focus adjustment bracket (black)

Installation dimension (pole end): 25mm

Installation dimension (lens end): 50mm

Suitable for most brand microscope.


The technical requirements and parameters of this product are for reference only.

  1. coarse and fine adjustment bracket coarse coarse hand wheel rotation should be comfortable and stable, no jumping phenomenon. Coarse fine adjustment hand wheel should be used without obvious, empty back.
  2. coarse coarse trimming bracket coarse coarse hand adjustment wheel movement per cycle is 0.16, handwheel lattice value is 0.002, fretting air return must not exceed 0.008.
  3. the rotation of the handwheel should be able to make the coarse and fine adjustment of the rotation of the handwheel change.