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Freight cost EMS DHL UPS TNT FEDEX EXPRESS postage for order


Freight cost supplement by EMS DHL UPS TNT FEDEX EXPRESS postage for order



This is for the freight cost supplyment


At present, the calculation method of volume and weight of international express below:
Volume weight = length (CM) * width (CM) * height (CM) / 5000 (CM). Irregular packaging shall be calculated according to the longest, widest and highest point on one side of the goods. The cargo with volume weight greater than the actual weight in international express delivery is often called dumping.

Billing as per weight: compare the actual weight of the whole cargo with the volume weight, and the larger one is the billing base weight. For example, the total actual weight of one shipment is 60kg. The volume is 60cm * 80cm * 70cm / 5000 = 67.2, then the billing weight is 68kg. Because 60 < 67.2kg < 68kg, all billing as per weight 68kg.

China Post Air Mail

  1. The weight of the package does not exceed two kilograms, and the weight of Saudi Arabia does not exceed 1kg;
  2. The sum of volume, length, width and height less than 90 cm, max diameter less than 60 cm;
  3. detailed and clear consignee address and zip code; the sender’s address can be in both Chinese and English;
  4. Please fill in the customs declaration form and package noodles in accordance with the regulations. The declared items must be in both Chinese and English.

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