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Focus mount E arm 76mm 16mm focusing rack of microscope tension

FR7616 E arm Adaptor 16mm for 
boom stands or articulating arm stands

Category: Focus rack


Focus mount set up the correct distance between the lens of the stereo microscope body and the top of your sample, in order sample to appear in focus when looking through the microscope.
Microscope focus mount adjusted by Coarse and fine mechanism knob and tension adjustment.
Other name focus mount focusing bracket focus rack focus block

E-Arm Focus mount
Focus Mount Hole Diameter   15.875mm
Focus Mount Ring Diameter   76mm
Focus Mechanism    Rack & Pinion with Tension Control
Focus System   Coarse & Fine
Focusing Distance   50mm in vertical direction
With coarse focus adjustment
E-Arm Focus mount with 76mm diameter ring with 15.875mm (5/8″) adapter can be mounted on any of our boom stands or articulating arm stands, and features Rack & Pinion coarse focus adjustment. 50mm focusing distance in vertical direction.
76mm 16mm E arm focus rack mount focusing bracket


Focus mount Knob: Stereo microscopes usually have one focus knob. Helps move the head of the microscope up and down to bring a sharp image of the object. Most dissecting microscopes have standard “rack and pinion” focusing. Rack is the track with teeth and pinion is the gear that rides on the teeth. The knob helps the pinion move along the rack.


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