Diopter adjustable eyepiece lens DHWF30X magnification mounting 30mm

DHWF30X 8mm field view for stereo microscope



Wide Field WF30X High Eye-point Eyepiece Plan Diopter Adjustable for Stereo Microscope Mounting Size 30mm Field of View 8mm

Material: optical glass + metal
Magnification: WF30X
Field of View: 8 mm
Mounting Diameter (in diameter): 30 mm
Quantity: one piece
Suit Microscope: stereo microscope
Feature: diopter adjustable, high eye-point, plan scope eyepiece

Ocular lenses are the eyepieces that a person uses to view a specimen. Most dissecting microscopes have two ocular lenses set at a magnification of 10×. However, you can increase the magnification of a stereo microscope simply by upgrading the ocular lenses. This should be relatively easy to do since manufactures usually indicate the magnification levels of these parts of the microscope.