Digital usb microscope pen shape industry component inspection

CH8PS smart pen shape portable



Digital usb microscope pen shape 50X-800X magnification for industry component inspection

Microscope parameters:
Sensor: 600 line Japanese original SONY photoreceptor chip
Lens: 5G microscope special lens 8X, M12
Imaging range: 800 times, (2MM*2MM) 1-25 times with multiple changes.
Focal distance (object distance): the surface of the direct object to 250MM
Auxiliary light source: 8000mL white LED lamp X8
Static phase resolution: 3200×2400
Dynamic movie number: 30 f/s Under 600 Lux Brightness
Digital zoom: 2X, 3 section
Illuminance adjustment range: 0 mL ~ 30000mL
Magnification: 25X~ 800X (manually adjustable)
Power supply: TV port (5 V – 12 V DC)
Appearance size: 112 mm (long) X33 mm (outer diameter)

Product application:
Inspection of industry, computer component test, telecommunication component inspection, scientific teaching tools, laboratory research, medical analysis, school research tools, insect anatomy / examination, plant anatomy / examination, skin examination, scalp examination, textile inspection, jewelry inspection, collection / coin inspection, printing inspection, reading Help, chat online, and so on


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