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Coarse focus fine focusing mount adjustment focus rack unit 50mm25mm with fine focusing knob

FR5025CF Focusing Holder´╝î white/black
coarse and fine

Category: Focus rack


Focus mount set up the correct distance between the lens of the stereo microscope body and the top of your sample, in order sample to appear in focus when looking through the microscope.
Microscope focus mount adjusted by Coarse and fine mechanism knob and tension adjustment.
Other name focus mount focusing bracket focus rack focus block focus holder

Standard Size Focusing Holder – Will Fit Scope Heads with Diameter of 50mm
Industrial Monocular Microscope Camera Lens Circular Focusing Frame 50mm Fine Adjustment Knob Fine Adjustment Bracket

coarse and fine focus adjustment bracket (black)
Installation dimension (pole end): 25mm
Installation dimension (lens end): 50mm
Suitable for most brand microscope.
Focus System Coarse & Fine
The technical requirements and parameters of this product are for reference only.
1. coarse and fine adjustment bracket coarse coarse hand wheel rotation should be comfortable and stable, no jumping phenomenon. Coarse fine adjustment hand wheel should be used without obvious, empty back.
2. coarse coarse trimming bracket coarse coarse hand adjustment wheel movement per cycle is 0.16, handwheel lattice value is 0.002, fretting air return must not exceed 0.008.
3. the rotation of the handwheel should be able to make the coarse and fine adjustment of the rotation of the handwheel change.


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