Boom stand vertical post with halogen lamp stage clips

CHB2 microscope stand



Microscope stand
Vertical Post:240mm
Transmission light source 12v/15w Halogen lamp,Brightness independent adjustable base 12v/15 halogen lamp(7w fluorescent lamps optional)
With φ95mm B/W Plastic & Perspex Plate and Paired Clips
Base Size:200x255x60mm

Boom Stands for Microscopes
Standard Microscope Boom Stand have solid metal vertical and horizontal post with a locking ring on the vertical post for stopping.boom stands provide stability and easy positioning for stereo microscopes and cameras. The boom stands are machined and finished using high quality, durable materials to ensure that they can safely support your equipment for years to come.

Available base options include a weighted steel base, table clamp, and table mount with backing plate. Stainless steel vertical posts are available standard
The boom stands are compatible with new and legacy stereo microscope brands including Zeiss, Olympus, Leica, Nikon, and Meiji. The boom stands also support all 76mm50mm stereo microscope focus mount and all cameras. Including the horizontal and vertical arms.

microscope stand with halogen lamp



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