Boom stand microscope base E arm focus block Diameter 37mm pole arm

ST2629 for E arm focus block
diameter 37mm pole/arm



Height of vertical column 408mm
The vertical column can extend the maximum length 254MM
Diameter of vertical column, 37.2mm
Cross and cross arm interface type cross double hole joint
Horizontal arm type single arm
Transverse arm length 544mm
The diameter of the transverse arm is 37.2mm
Transverse terminal fixed interface size 16mm
360 degree rotation of horizontal horizontal rotation range
Transverse arm Z axial stroke 266mm (10.472 “)
487mm (19.173 “) of the telescopic range of the transverse arm
The maximum load 9.50kg (20.94lbs) at the fixed end of the transverse arm
Horizontal arm horizontal sliding mode manual
Vertical direction sliding mode manual
Heavy cast iron of base type
Rectangular shape rectangle
Base size 285x260x25mm
Net weight 23.46kg (51.72lbs)
Appearance size 544x395x395mm (21.417×15.551×15.551 “)