Biocular stero microscope 20X40X magnification two step objective turret

magnification 20X 40X
boom stand
wild field eyepiece



Biocular stereo microscope 20X40X magnification two step objective turret
Paired WF10x widefield inclined eyepieces
Binocular head is inclined 45° and rotates 360° for convenient viewing; features left diopter (±5 diopters) and 55-75mm interpupillary adjustment to compensate for differences between your eyes
Rotating turret has dual 2x and 4x objectives (for 20x and 40x magnification); change magnification by rotating the objective turret 90° to positive click stops
Objectives are parcentered, parfocalled, and achromatic to prevent color distortion and stay in focus when you switch magnification
True stereoscopic imaging provides 3-dimensional viewing
Field of view is 10mm at 20x and 5mm at 40x
Heavy-duty rack and pinion focusing, with slip clutch and tension adjustment
Working distance is 75mm and maximum specimen height is 60mm on-stage; post-mount design allows use with larger specimens to approximately 120mm off-stage
Two 80mm stage plates: one reversible black/white stage plate for contrast with light and dark specimens and translucent stage plate for use with bottom lighting
Locked on stage clips
Top and bottom high-intensity lighting are both standard 10-watt tungsten with rocker switches that allows top lighting, bottom lighting, or both top and bottom lighting simultaneously
Rugged metal base and frame, stands 12″ tall
Includes operating instructions, rubber eyeshields and a dust cover

stereo microscope wide range of applications:
At home or in the classroom to examine leaves, insects, rocks, etc.
Industrial purposes such as circuit board inspection & repair
By collectors to view coins, stamps, and rocks up close
As a dissection scope to get a closer look at organs, etc.