8LED digital usb microscope white zoom camera magnification

CH6WB clean white body


Digital USB microscope white body

This product is suitable for skin inspection and hairy root inspection. Textile inspection, biologic observation, gemstone identification, and magnifying device to assist visually impaired readers.
Industrial inspection, for example, printed circuit boards, precision machinery and so on, do not need to swap lens to adjust 200X ~1000X magnification through focal length adjustment.
Using USB and computer connection, it is easy to operate, and can easily take photos, dynamic video recording, and random measurement software.
It is also USB camera, so through all kinds of video software such as MSN Skype QQ, such as On-line to let each other see the picture action environment: Windows 2000/XP, Vista, Windows 7, Apple operating system.
Interface: USB2.0
Sensor:1/4 CMOS
Resolution: QVGA (1280X1024)
Ratio: 20x ~400x
Light:8LED Light
Frame rate:30fps
Use the possible fan: 3.2cm to 10cm
Exposure correction: auto exposure / auto correction / weight: 90g