620nm red color ring led light lab instrument light source microscope illumination

YK-620NM red color lightness



microscope illumination 620nm red ring led light

machine vision lighting medical photography led lighting
LED light color: Red

Red light wavelength: 620NM

Technical parameters:

Outer diameter: 95mm

Inner diameter: 60mm

Lamp shell height: 30mm

Ring lamp power: less than 5W

Input voltage: 110V-265V

Output voltage: DC12V

Brightness adjustment: 0~100%

Focal length: 100mm

Effective working distance: 50-200mm

When the height is 150mm, the brightness is above 100000LUX.

LED quantity:56pcs or 60pcs

Current: 20mA voltage 3.2-3.3V


ring led light Scope of application:

Microscope illumination

Machine vision system lighting

ecological photography lighting

medical photography lighting

Instrument lighting and so on