590nm wave length yellow lightness microscope illumination ring led lamp




590nm wave length yellow lightness ring led light lamp
Technical parameters:
Outer diameter: 95mm
Inner diameter: 60mm
Lamp shell height: 30mm
Ring lamp power: less than 5W
Input voltage: 110V-265V
Output voltage: DC12V
Brightness adjustment hundred percent
Focal length: 100mm
Effective working distance: 50-200mm
When the height is 150mm, the brightness is above 100000LUX.
LED light tube: 56

color yellow 590nm wavelength led ring light Features:
Microscope auxiliary light source: LED Ring Light
1 Ring LED microscope lighting with high brightness, long life, less heat, low temperature, soft natural light without flash, long life, energy saving, compact appearance, easy installation.
2 LED microscope ring light lighting brightness can be adjusted, is stereo microscope, monocular video microscopes and other optical instruments with the ideal source.
3 Use of new imported plastic injection molding shell, anti-aging, flame retardant
inner diameter 72MM 144LED


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