590nm wave length yellow lightness microscope illumination ring led lamp

YK-590nm Yellow lightness



LED ring light for stereo microscopes light. The LED brightness is adjustable and soft without flicker and good consistency. This kit is equipped with three screws in the interface port to connect microscope objectives of different diameters. The available voltage of this kit is from AC85 to AC260V. It is an ideal durable cool light source for microscopes.
590nm wave length yellow lightness ring led light lamp
Technical parameters:

LED light color: yellow
Yellow light wavelength: 590NM
Technical parameters:
Input voltage: AC90-240V
Output voltage: DC12V
Maximum output power: 10W
Working distance: 40-160mm
Inner diameter: 72MM
Luminance of each bulb: MAX3500 MCD
Color temperature: 8000-9000K
Brightness: Continuously adjustable
Lighting colour: yellow(other colours can be customized)
Effective optical distance: 75mm
Effective optical path: 30mm
Number of bulbs: 144LED bulb

color yellow 590nm wavelength led ring light Features:
Microscope auxiliary light source: LED Ring Light
1 Ring LED microscope lighting with high brightness, long life, less heat, low temperature, soft natural light without flash, long life, energy saving, compact appearance, easy installation.
2 LED microscope ring light lighting brightness can be adjusted, is stereo microscope, monocular video microscopes and other optical instruments with the ideal source.
3 Use of new imported plastic injection molding shell, anti-aging, flame retardant
inner diameter 72MM 144LED