520nm photography lighting color green ring led lamp instrument microscope illumination

YK-Green 520nm lightness green color



green ring led lamp

Green color LED Brightness Adjustable Ring Light Illuminator lamp for Stereo Zoom Microscope

Technical parameters:

Product parameters:

Luminous color: green color light

The outer diameter: 94mm

The inner diameter: 60mm

Power input voltage: 90V-264V

Output voltage: DC12V

Power: 4W

Quantity of led bulbs: 56pcs

Lightness Green color wavelength 520NM

Illumination: 22000-25000

Brightness adjustable


Adjustable ring led light characters

  1. Ring LED microscope lighting has the advantages of high brightness, long life, less heat, low temperature, soft and natural without stroboscopic, long service life, energy saving, small and beautiful, easy installation and so on.
  2. The brightness of the lighting lamp of the ring LED microscope can be adjusted. It is an ideal light source for optical instruments such as stereo microscope and single-tube video microscope.
  3. use new imported metal shell, aging resistant and flame retardant.


Scope of application:

Microscope illumination, Machine vision system lighting, ecological photography lighting,medical photography lighting, Instrument lighting and so on.
 color green 520nm wave length ring led light



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