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Application and purpose of stereo microscope
Stereo microscope is a microscope with two complete optical paths. It has stereoscopic sense when observing specimens. It has many uses. Stereoscopic microscope is a microscope with stereoscopic sense. Stereo microscopes can be equipped with a digital micro imaging device and a digital stereoscopic microscope. In this way, we have more advantages in observation.

Advantage of stereo microscope:
Make eye comfortable and achieve multi person synchronous preview
functions of video, measurement.
save the observed pictures and share.

Stereo microscope,The magnification change of stereo microscope is obtained by the change of the distance between the middle lens group, therefore, it is also called “the continuous zoom stereo microscope” (zoom stereo microscope )
Stereo microscope, also known as “dissecting microscope” , is a kind of three-dimensional visual instrument, which is widely used in biology, medicine, agriculture, forestry, industry and marine biology departments.
Stereo microscope operation is simple, the magnification is generally in the 7X-42X, the maximum magnification of 180X. Stereo microscope is the most widely used.

Application field of stereo microscope as follows:
1.Study on the animal science, botany, entomology, histology, mineralogy, geology, archaeology and dermatology.
2 in the textile industry, for the inspection of raw materials and cotton fabric.
3 in the electronics industry, as a transistor spot welding, inspection, etc..
4 various kinds of materials, such as the cracks of the cracks, the corrosion of the surface and other surface phenomena.
5 in the manufacture of small precision parts, used for machine tool equipment, working process observation, precision parts inspection and assembly tools.
6 lens, prism or other transparent material surface quality, as well as the precision of the scale of the examination.
7 identify cions is true or false .
8 widely used in textile products, chemical, chemical, plastic products, electronic manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, printing industry, higher education institutions, archaeological research and many other fields.

Zoom stereo microscope Wide range of Applicable industries and fields
During the maintenance process, check the fly line, cable, components, tin column welding and so on.
As research and dissection tools in zoology, botany, entomology, histology, mineralogy, archaeology, geology, etc., agricultural selection
Inspection, assembly and repair of small precision parts such as instruments, meters and electronics industries.
Check raw materials and cotton wool fabrics in textile industry such as cloth, silk, dust-free cloth and so on.
Inlays and identification of jewelry, gemstones, jewelry, etc.
Check the surface of various materials such as crack formation, stomatal shape and corrosion.
A device used as a machine tool for making small precision parts, for observing working processes, for inspecting precision parts, and for assembling work.
Identification and appreciation of the authenticity of documents, stamps and banknotes.
Micro carving technology for small articles such as stone, jade, handicraft and so on.